Yoda Is a Hippie

Oh yes he is. Even though he’s a warrior, he’s, like, a peaceful warrior. He’s philosophical, he eats gross healthy food, he don’t look right, and he loves the forest. Ear hair, funky robes, and teachering are all strong with hippies, too. At Alex Genadinik’s Hike to See the Statue of Yoda, participants may not necessarily think of themselves as love children, but walking around outdoors is meditative, helps you live to a ripe old age, and is a way to get dirt on you. All of the above is classic behavior for hippie and Yoda alike, you must admit. So: Hike or hike not. There is no I’ll think about it. Genadinik leads you young, inexperienced fighter pilots on a twisting path including parts of the Ecology Trail and the Ridge Trail before levitating you out of the swamp and setting you down ever so gently at the Yoda Fountain.
Sun., May 15, 2 p.m., 2011

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