"I have had some great relationships with long bouts of casual dating in between," he says. "Some of that was due to misguided priorities, though I think it's just taken me a long time to really know who I am and what I want."

In early March, he launched his dating site, Hook Chas Up. On it, he offered $10,000 to anyone who can introduce him to a woman he falls in love with and eventually marries.

Soon after the site went live and drew extensive media attention, the e-mails poured in by the hundreds. All that attention wasn't necessarily the goal, though, and in some ways it made his search more difficult. Chas has been waking up at 4 a.m. each day to answer each message personally, which has been overwhelming. He's still trying to find the right smart woman in a pack of them.

He had initially planned to let the public know how his dates were going, but changed his mind. Instead, he's spending his time answering e-mails and going on dates.

Perhaps there's a lesson here. As others are eyeing one another in bars and checking each other's profiles, as they're drinking until they can't go home and lying to each other and themselves, Chas McFeely — in that forward-thinking, San Francisco way — is inventing new ways to make his connection.

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Elizabeth frantes
Elizabeth frantes

All I hope is that none of these idiots breed. I know that's too much to ask for. In fact, according to a study I read in the journal Evolution, there is a very, very strong correlation between low IQ in women with early/frequent childbearing. So, unless breeding makes women stupid, it's the dumbest of the dumb who do.


OMGYou are a mental case Frantes. I just saw this on the internet. You are an absolute crackpot. I did a google search on you and found this.

From: elizabeth <efran...@hotmail.com>Subject: Re: Why Don't Right To Lifers Support Government Paying 50% of Child Support?Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 12:10:33 -0700 (PDT)Message-ID: <235e3b5e-1dbb-4e56-9f91-d3dc2bda2768@34g2000pru.googlegroups.com>

"Antiabort females should be gangraped to death.Slowly.

I feel that antiabort males should have their genitals ripped offand forced down their throats, and antiabort females gangraped untildeath."</efran...@hotmail.com>


Elizabeth Frantes,Your view points are wacked. Maybe you need to consider a long vacation or get some medical attention. You are just way too far out there. Aren't you the same wacko that said antiabortion women should be raped slowly and to death? I mean come on, seriously. What person in their right mind would ever think of such a sick thing?


I see that Miss Harrell herself hasn't logged onto her OKC profile for a long while. Maybe, she, too, is disturbed about dating in SF.

I Miss "Latin Freeze"
I Miss "Latin Freeze"

25th & South Van Ness is and has always been Norteno territory. If Alejandro was a Norteno, he wouldn't have had a problem going there. In fact, Esta Noche is deep in Sureno territory.

I understand that the gang life doesn't mean much to the SF Weekly, but considering how many Mission youth get killed over it, at least have the decency get the territories right. If you need a fact checker, ask any kid at Mission High.


Wow! This stories are so interesting! I'd like to know more about SFo people's lifestyles


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