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You may be invested in a color scheme only insofar as you match your green pants with the navy blue whales to a hot pink polo shirt. Or you may notice how the dark, moody hues around the perimeter of a Rembrandt contrast with the glowing god-light shining on the subject’s face. Color affects the emotional experience of those who can see it, and the art of assembling a palette gives an artist access to a certain set of responses from the viewer. Anyone who has shopped for paint knows that the names ascribed to the myriad hues of any color can range from poetic to ridiculous. Victor Landweber’s photo series “Treasure Tones” documents small collections of paint chips that evoke a mood, setting, meal, and/or season through their colors and names. The titles for the paint, when collected under themes such as “Good Things to Eat” or “Sweet Lady,” read like poetry. The rectangles of color suggest the distillation of a painting or mood. Tonight’s opening includes several of the beautiful portraits, mounted on vast white backgrounds; Daniel Tierney also shows paintings in the lobby of the gallery.

The opening reception for “Treasure Tones” starts at 6 p.m.
May 28-July 2, 2011

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