Garage Rock, Baby

Fellow San Franciscans, the time has come to slip on your jean jackets and go see the father of garage rock – Michael Yonkers. We all know that we adore garage rock, we come from a city that has produced some of the crème de la crème -- two words: Ty Segall. Yonkers provides music that is stripped-down, raw, and carries the essence of loving and creating underground rock 'n' roll. Modifying his own equipment and having released albums on his own label, he is a DIY darling. A veteran of over forty years of rock 'n' roll, he truly is, if not the father, definitely a trailblazer of garage rock. Openers the Sandwitches create songs with beautiful Americana vocals and 1960s garage rock beats. These are girls who are definitely girl-crush worthy -- they sing songs that make you sway with happiness. To top off the night, those of you who want to get down and get funky, can boogie to a set by Bronze.
Tue., June 14, 9 p.m., 2011

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