Hookers. Blood. Zombies. A Vengeful Scavenger

This description immediately sold us on Another Hole in the Head Film Festival: “A raccoon mistakenly snacks on crack cocaine. He sets out to exact revenge on the developers and politicians responsible for destroying his home in the Bronx.” That’s so many levels of WTF. A raccoon just happens to eat some crack. He’s intelligent enough — while on crack — to know who destroyed his home. And his vengeance — is it based on the loss of some wooded paradise? Is this perhaps a tale of environmental comeuppance? No. It’s over a place in the Bronx, for cryin’ out loud. It’s from Krackoon, a film by Jerry Landi that includes equal measures of horror and sick humor. Also today is A Cadaver Christmas by Joe Zerull, in which a janitor, a cop, a drunk, and a bartender lead the resistance of a zombie uprising at a university. Memorable lines include, “Hey. What’s with the blood?” and “This isn’t natural — and it sure as hell ain’t legal!” Then there’s Midnight Son by Scott Leberecht, which follows a young security guard whose medical condition prevents him from being exposed to sunlight. Oh, and also, he must drink human blood in order to survive. The misunderstood lad kills hookers (duh, it’s a horror flick), visits night butchers, and falls in love with a bartendress. Shorts today include the descriptively named 52 Takes of the Same Thing, Then Boobs. To quote the festival poster (which we suspect was intentionally misspelled): Outragous.
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