People get funny about Meklit Hadero. The local singer is outrageously charming, devastatingly soulful, and she does this kind of breathy percussion-singing thing no one’s ever done before. The signature flower in the hair and excellent fashion choices are just cherries on top. The whole thing often catches audiences off guard; they freak out. Hadero studied political science in college, but she wound up playing guitar and writing songs that mix a lot of influences: her native Ethiopian folk, American blues, jazzes, local rock, and more. Tonight, “Home From Home” celebrates her recent trip to Ethiopia and Kenya; she plays songs from her album On a Day Like This... as well as new ones written and learned “on the East African road,” as she puts it. All this and she just played the Hollywood Bowl at Pee-Wee Ellis’ James Brown tribute show: It’s okay to freak out.
Thu., June 23, 8 p.m., 2011

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