Wall of Sound, Plate of Cakes

So you’ve been out late Saturday night drinking, carousing, doing whatever it is you young people do. You’ve woken up in a stranger’s bed in the Mission, and your hangover is such that the sun streaming through the blinds threatens to pierce your very skull. May we suggest some hair of the dog for your head in the form of punishing noise? Godwaffle Noise Pancakes has a history of providing brunch-time sonic savagery, and yes, pancakes are most definitely included, usually of the vegan variety. A highlight of this installment is experimental genius Michael Gendreau, whose site-specific pieces in which he employs a building as an instrument have been performed in locales as far-flung as Paris and Athens. There’s also Organ of Qwerty, the musical alter ego of drummer and improvisational maestro John Hanes, who creates intriguing electronic soundscapes on his laptop. Canada’s desktop mash-up extraordinaire SkruntSkrunt as well as local acts Lycanthrope Legions of Noise and Dictionary of Ghosts round out the bill, gleefully testing the limits of listenability. Settle in, brace yourself, eat your pancakes, and get your noise on.
Sun., June 26, noon, 2011

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