List: Why S.F. Has More Sex and Likes It Less

A study funded by condom-maker Trojan shows San Franciscans, on average, have more sex than people who live in other cities but are less satisfied with their sex lives. What could explain the results?

• Now that red states aren't shocked by all the sex we're having, it's just not fun anymore

• We've got to stop sharing condoms

• Raising political consciousness about sex also makes it less interesting

• Polyamory is a logistical nightmare

• Lube shortage

• It's hard to perform well when you know the experience will probably be reviewed on Yelp

Burning Man totally throws off the curve

• Nobody in San Francisco is ever satisfied by anything

• San Franciscans lie about how much sex they have; people in other cities lie about how much they enjoy it

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Yeah, The Weekly's said the same thing about L.A., Portland, and Seattle. You're just being stroked.

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