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We are guilty of swing dancing before, during, and after it had that cool moment in the '90s, so we can safely say it's still fun. And cardio, of course. Plus, as said old-timers, we can also accurately report that there's been goth in the scene since Lee Press-On & the Nails' dapper punk big band was 70 dudes strong. At Retro Electro, DJs Fact 50 and Delachaux are swing-goth-based, but like voracious music nerds, they can't resist a danceable track that's anywhere near their aesthetic wheelhouse. So in addition to remixed 1940s hoochykoo, expect jumpy tunes from around the world: Balkan Brass, Tango, Jazz, and more. The evening starts with dance lessons and is sprinkled with burlesque performances.
Sun., July 3, 9 p.m., 2011

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Joshua Pfeiffer
Joshua Pfeiffer

Technically this event doesn't have anything to do with "Goth".

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