The Godfather of Fairs

Those who think of arts and crafts as quaint endeavors are probably unfamiliar with how seriously people take them these days, especially in the Bay Area. It’s now common to have regional crafting groups called “mafias” (no, really), and the annual Renegade Craft Fair takes over large venues in Chicago, Austin, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London, and here in San Francisco. Now in its fourth S.F. year, the fair features not only the requisite quirky felted wool creatures and baubles that seem to populate every D.I.Y. fair, but it also gathers a diverse marketplace of other goods such as clothing, books, paintings, accessories, and gadgetry. Here exists the cutesy as well as the avant-garde. The two-day event includes a healthy interactive element, so you can get your fill of impulse-buying and also make things to take home. Options include creating accordion-style journals as well as sculptures and jewelry from old toys. But be warned: From here it’s just one bedazzled step before making your own pinstriped suit and joining the other mafia.
Saturdays, Sundays, 11 a.m. Starts: July 9. Continues through July 10, 2011

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