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Adding Up Prostitution'sNumbers
Regardless of figures, sex trafficking is a problem: Arrest records really don't tell the whole story, and although the [celebrity] campaign is somewhat idiotic, it speaks to the level of intellect an individual seeking a child prostitute might possess ["Real Men Get Their Facts Straight," Feature, Martin Cizmar, Ellis Conklin, Kristen Hinman, 6/29]. Skewed statistics aside, child prostitution is a huge issue and the more attention drawn to address it the better.


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Legalizing prostitution is key: Prostitution between consenting adults (adults!) should have been decriminalized generations ago. Decriminalization and regulation would go a long way in keeping both women and men safer. Prostitutes are sometimes the victims of [violent crime], while their customers are not infrequently the victims of larceny and robbery. Legalization, while not perfect, would alleviate some of these problems. Further, the government could tax prostitution and generate some revenue. It would also help to deal out many of the pimps who parasitically feed off the labors of women in the sex underworld. Legalization is not a panacea; however, it is a much sounder public policy than the status quo.

Drew Hunkins

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Highly unlikely that these are all the facts: This story is based on just as shaky facts as the 100,000 to 300,000 [sex-trafficked children] statistic. The writers are going to try and use police records as legitimate evidence of all underage prostitution in the United States? Really? Because the police catch everything. It isn't an underground crime ring like the Mexican drug trade or like the gun trade? "The facts speak for themselves." Right.

Ursula Fitzgibbon

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Dues to Pay
If state bill passes, it will be dire for S.F.: If such a thing passes [labor unions decide elected city officials pay and benefits], then I say the residents of San Francisco deserve the over taxation and continuing destruction of the city ["Meet the New Boss," Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 6/29]. This is like the tobacco company leaders, managers, and VPs having a say in putting in a leader who is a tobacco advocate on the Health and Lung Association of the Federal Health Board. Pure idiocy!


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Transformers Morphs Into a Bore
A bad review, but perhaps an enjoyable film: At least it provided some fun to write about ["Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Enjoyable Hum of Your Brain Cells Dying," Dan Kois, Film, 6/29]. I'm a little upset that Kois did unveil too much. These films are dumb, but they are really good at what they do. Kois even sounds like he did absolutely enjoy it, but can't admit it.


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Blog Comment of the Week
In response to a blog post about the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project's appearance at Pride: Glen Callender's show was hilarious and educational at the same time ["Foreskin Activist Glen Callender Talks Circumcision and Performs Astounding Feats with Fruit," Titania Kumeh, the Exhibitionist, 6/28]. He's a man who obviously knows the workings of his body and appreciates his anatomy. The mystery isn't why intact guys are so fond of their foreskins; it's why so many circumcised men appear blasé about having had some of the best inches of their penis (and the only movable part!) cut off and thrown away. Talk about some crazy social conditioning! I hope Callender and [team] will come back to S.F. soon. They're lovely people, and his demo would be a hit at Dore Alley Street Fair and Folsom Street Fair, too.


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If SF will eliminate the sale of all animals as pets, they could certainly take a bite of the illegal sale of human beings, regardless of age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation itself the same. When the article has focused only on children sold for sex, not the entire population of people sold and traded all for illegal in the United States, whether sex or illegal (undocumented) of work.erotic game

Jessica Bailey
Jessica Bailey

I was stunned by the bad taste with which SF Weekly has apparently decide to champion the idea that child sex trafficking is not a real problem in the US.

500,000. 100,000. 10,000. It doesn't matter. It's too many. It is a PROBLEM. The destruction of a child's life is not something you can place in context by assuring us that it's really only a few hundred thousand children who are abused each year. (Leaving aside the obvious flaws in your "statistics".)

Seeking to diminish the amount of attention and aid this problem receives is both baffling and indefensible. Particularly to the girls and boys who are being victimized and methodically brainwashed into believing there is no help out there for them, that no one cares.

Shame on you.

It will be a substantial amount of time before I can bring myself to pick up your paper again. Right now I can't get past the disgust.

Michelle Kunert
Michelle Kunert

If SF is going to eliminate sales of all animals as pets, they surely could also take a bite out of the illegal sale of human beings no matter what their age, ethnicity, national origins, even sexual orientation. By the article was only focused on the minors sold for sex, not on the entire population of humans sold and trafficked for all illegal purposes in the U.S whether for sex or illegal (undocumented) labor.

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