List: Why Everyone Wants Ed Lee to Run for Mayor

City power brokers continue to try to pressure Mayor Ed Lee into running for a full mayoral term, despite his agreeing not to as a condition of being appointed to the office. Why do they want Lee to run?

• It would be unseemly for a man of his position to keep a promise

• There are no other Asians in the race

• They printed a lot of "Run Ed, Run" posters, and it's too late to get a refund

• Have you seen any of the other candidates?

• It would be nice for them to have a mayor they've proven they can talk into anything

• Just to see the look on David Chiu's face

• The folks at the Chronicle have had a tough year — it would be nice to do something that makes them happy

• Nobody has the heart to tell him he was a terrible city administrator

• Business as usual

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