List: What Have We Learned About Leland Yee?

Lately, the local press — including SF Weekly — has lavished much attention on Leland Yee. What have we learned about the front-running mayoral candidate?

• He was president of his high school pandering club

• His breath smells like lilacs and kittens

•He is the first Chinese-American to claim credit for being the first Chinese-American to claim credit

• He is never afraid to do the convenient thing

• He believes that in America, if you work hard and are talented, you can fool most of the people most of the time

• He tries not to help any more people than he absolutely must to win elections

• He wants to know if you're wearing a wire

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Tamara Ching
Tamara Ching

such wonderful science fiction. funny our super state senator didn't have his own comic book at the recent convention. see, leland yee has supporters with a sense of humor.


and i thought you'd gone off the deep end last week! now you're not even pretending to use the format of a news story, let alone pretend to report..

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