All Shook Down Fest Recap: Our Five Favorite Moments

1. At midnight, Crystal Castles emerged from a soupy, fog-filled blackness amid obliterating strobe lights, kicking off their headlining set with the unsettling "Doe Deer," then the anthemic "Baptism." As bass shook the room, frontwoman Alice Glass writhed in the white flashes like some fiendish apparition. It was, obviously, the climax of the night.

2. Where was Mistah F.A.B.? Fashionably late. The Oakland rapper strode onstage in a leather jacket, backpack, and blazing red Spain rugby jersey, then went straight into a freestyle in which he said the name of a certain local alt-weekly no fewer than two times, proving that this rhymesmith can actually rap about anything.

3. We're not sure everyone knew what to make of Maus Haus' jilted space-pop, but we enjoyed its gut-rumbling bass and bizarre sonic detours. Frontman Jason Kick muttered something about the band liking the crowd more than the other way around, but we're not so sure. Maybe the audience got lost in those wild video projections?

Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass
Joseph Schell
Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass
Battlehooch goes wild.
Joseph Schell
Battlehooch goes wild.

4. The hour-long set from freak-rockers Battlehooch proved totally and awesomely bizarre. In "The Game Song," singer Pat Smith instructed one of his bandmates to "rub your guitar on the mic stand." Huh?

5. S.F. rapper Richie Cunning brought love as tough as his slick rhymes. "How many of you have heard this song before?" he asked. "If you have, you're lying." Cunning then fiercely demonstrated why everyone should have heard his songs before.

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fainting spells was the first song crystal castles performed. doe deer was played at the beginning of their encore


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