No Relation to Hasselhoff

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Punch Line

444 Battery
San Francisco, CA 94111

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Embarcadero

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Like a crass Jersey-bred Jerry Seinfeld in the grip of Adderall, Dov Davidoff is an observational comic with a manic, ADD-addled edge. His stand-up act jumps wildly from one topic to another — losing his virginity to a prostitute at age 12, surly Starbucks employees, tactics for outcrazying vagrants on the street — without it becoming a completely scattered and tangential free-for-all. His keen eye for bullshit and hypocrisy is present in all his jokes, and the skeptical, working-class sensibility he learned while growing up in a Jersey junkyard keeps him grounded. Though he may be most recognizable for his role in the 2006 Mark Wahlberg film Invincible, in which he played Wahlberg’s hard-knock Philly buddy Johnny, Davidoff has made all the requisite stops for a comedian with an upward career trajectory. His sharp wit, Bobcat Goldthwait-esque delivery, and ability to riff on a wide variety of topics has earned him appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno, a regular gig ripping on celebrities on Chelsea Lately, a Comedy Central special, and the 2008 CD The Point Is ..., which was one of the year’s best.
Aug. 24-27, 2011

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