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Zahra Noorbakhsh has a thing about curry. Which is to say, a lot of people ask her about curry. She's of Middle Eastern descent, you see, and such people must eat curry, like, a couple of times a day, right? At least that's how it comes across, considering how often people talk to her about it. When she went to her boyfriend's family home in Orange County for Thanksgiving, for example, she brought a big pre-packaged salad from Trader Joe's to share. “Oh, you brought curry!” someone remarked. But tonight's story, All Atheists Are Muslim, isn't about her boyfriend's family. Or about curry (we think). It's about her and her family. Noorbakhsh and her boyfriend, Duncan, are moving in together. She needs to tell her parents that this is happening, and that it makes sense. Did we mention her parents are Iranian immigrants? And they're Muslim? And that she and Duncan have no intention of getting married? And that Duncan is an atheist? (We hope he likes curry.) Noorbakhsh describes it as “just your regular, everyday story of boy meets girl, meets thousands of years of cultural tradition and religious doctrine." She warns that those who see the show “might find out you're more Muslim than you think.”
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