Ping Pong Balls, Saws, and a Clapping Hands Machine

We can’t help but be enamored of Julian Koster, the lovable singing-saw player in Neutral Milk Hotel. This incredibly talented musician also performs under the moniker the Music Tapes, which brings together many types of mind-blowing sounds: the saw, a bow-to-banjo combination, a bouncing ball for percussion. The unconventional result is heartwarming, innocent, and youthful: We just love “For the Planet Pluto,” an endearing ode to the neglected former planet, left out of the “Annual Interplanetary Breakfast” because it has been dubbed “planetoid.” Notable members of the band include a 7-foot-tall metronome and the Clapping Hands Machine, built by Koster himself. Playing alongside the Music Tapes is Elephant 6 veteran band Olivia Tremor Control.
Mon., Sept. 5, 8 p.m., 2011

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