Ivory Hunters

As calling cards go, Charlotte Lagarde’s Heart of the Sea couldn’t have been better. When Lagarde and fellow Bay Area filmmaker Carrie Lozano (Reporter Zero) pitched the idea of a verité documentary to pianist Fred Hersch, the acclaimed New York jazzman was less than enthusiastic. Hersch wasn’t concerned with being followed throughout the collaborations and rehearsals for his autobiographical My Coma Dreams, an ambitious production combining music, theater, animation, and narration that premieres locally next month at the Herbst Theatre. He was resistant to the idea that the film would focus too narrowly on his illness -- AIDS -- and his 2008 life-threatening coma that inspired the piece. However, Heart of the Sea, Lagarde’s 2002 expansive portrait of Hawaiian surfing legend and breast cancer victim Rell Sunn, reassured Hersch enough to participate. For “Filming Performance,” a rare and intimate work-in-progress screening of their still-untitled documentary, Lagarde and Lozano answer questions and discuss their process.
Thu., Sept. 8, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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