As I looked around the bar, most patrons appeared conventionally attractive. It seemed like a lot of people had come with their parents; then I realized that it was the beginning of the school year and perhaps they were there to get their kids settled in. First IKEA for furniture, then Macy's for a new wardrobe, then "onto the Tipsy Pig, honey, where I hope you will find a nice bennie." ("Bennie: Friend with bow-chick-a-bow-wow benefits, otherwise known as a booty call.")

We were enjoying ourselves. The music playing was Top 40 from the '80s, including some gems from Ambrosia. I could have sat there all day. Then my friend spilled her Coke all over my lap. Oops, time to go. Now we would have to walk out, past the gauntlet, looking even stranger now that I had a gigantic wet spot on the crotch of my jeans. We formed a conga line of sorts and headed for the door. The foursome was still there, deep in their cups. One of the women looked at us and I thought I detected regret in her face. Maybe she had just moved here and was finally making friends. She had gotten caught up in the wrong crowd, and, in time, perhaps she would find a kinder set of people in the Marina. She smiled at me warmly. I smiled back. Life's too short.

"Good luck," I said to her.

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That was written with heart. I hope to hear more these kinds of insightful experiences. Lovely.

P Larkin
P Larkin

Not really sure I follow the point of this blog at all. All over the place


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