What are you listening to these days?

If it's new stuff, I checked out Fountains of Wayne the other day, which was okay. Fleet Foxes, I liked the first record and I haven't gotten around the second record. I listen to Boris sometimes or Sunn 0))). I liked MGMT for quite a while. Not Vampire Weekend so much.

There are rumors about a new, non-rock Iggy Pop album this year.

I made something, which is just a collection of some of the stuff I did just for my own feelings over the last year, and half of it is in French [laughs]. Then I did some just great American songs, like "Everybody's Talkin'," "Pushin' Too Hard." Just singing quietly, in a certain mood, songs for other slightly damaged, intermittently lonely people to listen to and commiserate with me. Right now I just call the thing Existence.

What about a new Stooges album?

I write with [Stooges guitarist] James [Williamson], and we'll probably write some more within a few months, and then we'll see what. Now that I'm an action figure at Toys R Us, I thought like, wow, could [there] be a five-headed Stooge monster and when you pull a string it spews our new music? Something different, you know? Maybe we could do the soundtrack for one of these guys at the drive-in Christian churches [laughs]. Reverend Rick or whoever, [takes up Southern accent] "Well, we've invited the Stooges down here today to shake things up a little bit for Jesus!"

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