Los Dios de la Cine

It may come as a surprise to Mission-hoppers but it’s muy dificil to sustain a Spanish-language film festival in this town. Three groups (by our count) have accepted the challenge over the past 20 years, each hamstrung by a community that lacks the financial big-hitters of its compadres in, say, L.A. or Miami. So kudos to Cine+Mas, the current standard-bearer of the San Francisco Latino Film Festival, for assembling an intriguingly wide-ranging program — geographically and thematically — on a shoestring budget. Today’s offerings at Opera Plaza Cinema begin on a high note with Being: Café Tacvba (1 p.m.), a slice of life on tour with Mexico’s most revered and durable rock ’n’ roll band. The beat goes on with F*** My Life (3 p.m.), a Chilean romantic comedy about a yuppie on the rebound. A pair of unflinching documentaries about the heinous regimes in Guatemala (La Isla: Archives of a Tragedy, 4:30 p.m.) and El Salvador (The Open Sky, 6 p.m.) lead straight to Hell(7 p.m.), a take-no-prisoners satire about a Mexican deportee who can’t find a job upon his return — except in the drug biz.
Sept. 6-25, 2011

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