Still Just Kids

The Kids in the Hall is among the rare series we keep on auto-repeat on Netflix streaming. We go through all five seasons of the Canadian sketch comedy show, and we’re ready to start again from the beginning. It’s just that good. We do have one problem with the show, however: Which of the five members of the legendary troupe is our favorite? Mark McKinney? Bluesman. Headcrusher. Chicken Lady! Bruce McCulloch? Heavy-metal teenager. Hapless secretary. Cabbage Head! David Foley? Elderly executive. South American B-movie star. Mr. Heavyfoot! But for tonight, we’ll identify Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson as our co-favorites — because they appear together in Two Kids, One Hall. The openly gay Thompson is embraced by queer populations partly because of his character Buddy Cole, the lovable proprietor of a gay bar who pushed every homo stereotype to its outer limit. He plays the dumb straight guy as well as the dumb gay guy, and the biggest queen of them all, Elizabeth II. The wiry McDonald, meanwhile, has a high-pitched, overcompensating, pseudo-confident delivery that fits his many personae including horror show host, maligned pizza cook, and well-intentioned pimp. We have no idea what they’ll bring to the stage. The fact that they’re here together is all we need to know.
Sept. 15-18, 2011

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