Too Late Baby, Now, It's Too Late

Elvis Costello did not coin the phrase “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture,” but he repeated it, adding “It’s a really stupid thing to want to do.” You are mistaken, Costello, even if you are a genius: Dancing about architecture is a really smart thing to want to do. In the recent past, choreographer Chris Black has danced or caused others to dance about baseball, talk shows, and Rasputin. Currently, Black and a troupe dance about (and in the characters of) extinct species. Her new science-adjacent piece, Extinction Burst: a dance of lost movement, uses sly pop-culture tidbits to ponder nonexistence, such as lyrics from the Harry Nilsson classic “One (Is the Loneliest Number).” The dancers describe how the human race “broke up with” the Great Auk, Passenger Pigeon, Thylacine, and Quagga, in performances geared for children and adults, probably even Elvis Costello.
Thu., Sept. 15; Tue., Sept. 20; Thu., Sept. 22; Tue., Sept. 27; Thu., Sept. 29, 2011

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