‘Out There’ Is Here

Buried deep in everyone’s heart is the passion to perform. Don’t you secretly want to dress in 1960s getup, strap on a ukulele, and do Tiny Tim covers? No? Maybe that’s just us. Regardless, the hard part (besides mustering up the courage to show the world our undeniable talent) is finding an acceptable and supportive audience. That’s where Smack Dab enters. Co-producers Kirk Read and Larry-bob Roberts are the cool cats who bring us this monthly queer-friendly open mic that’s what we just described and more. Regardless of orientation, age, or gender, everyone gets to perform. Many sign up the night of the show, and there’s also a featured artist. This month’s feature shows that Smack Dab has a serious side too — it’s cultural reporter Wayne Hoffman, who has written for the Village Voice, Washington Post, The Nation, and The Advocate. His novels include Hard and Sweet Like Sugar. Smack Dab also has a goofy side: A recent featured act is Fleigh, a ukulele duo composed of Flynn DeMarco — who’s made quite a splash in recent Thrillpeddlers productions including Pearls Over Shanghai — and Leigh Crowe. No word on whether they covered Tiny Tim.
Wed., Oct. 19, 8 p.m., 2011

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