Art Takes Root

Say you're a struggling artist and can't exactly afford a studio on top of what you're paying for your room in that house you're sharing with six other struggling artists. For the past decade Root Division has offered a solution to those who'd rather not keep canvases, solvent, and dirty brushes in the room where they sleep: subsidized studio space in the heart of the Mission in exchange for teach a classes such as relief printing, plaster casting, and Holga 101 (it's a camera). This organization also organizes free after-school art classes for youth in addition to professional development courses where artists can adjust their portfolios or learn to market themselves. The classes are available year-round, but you only have one shot at the organization's doozy of an Art Auction. With work by more than 100 local artists up for grabs it would be spectacularly difficult not to go home with something cool, whether it's heavy metal patchwork courtesy of Ben Venom (one of our 2011 Masterminds winners) or a piece by Mary Anne Kluth that merges the personal and the scientific to beautiful effect. Also watch for work by Masako Miki, Chris Fraser, and Elisheva Biernoff, to name just a few more of our faves. Bid sneakily during the silent auction or publicly during the live auction. Either way you'll know your money is going to support the mission to keep the Bay Area's creative juices flowing.
Thu., Oct. 20, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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