Targets on Their Backs

If your general feeling is that people pose too well for pictures, take too many damn pictures, and otherwise speak and behave in disturbingly palatable ways, it is time to unburden yourself of those thoughts with the help of comics who cannot be trusted to be bland or predictable. Neil Hamburger will wheeze, grunt, and otherwise cantankerously fumble through a set of ill-conceived jokes while he sweats and hugs a couple of highballs. Tim Heidecker has built a career on magnificent dingbat characters performed with stunning commitment and as straight a face as any deep ham can muster. Natasha Leggero offers more traditional stand-up but with the snark and snot of a rich girl who secretly wants to make you smile. Duncan Trussell is a fun (and sorta stony) stand-up while Kenny Strasser promises yo-yo freakiness … and delivers on that sometimes, with real yo-yos. Put it all together and it's the Club Chuckles 8-Year Anniversary Show. Curator Anthony Bedard can always be relied on for an innovative and endlessly pleasing night of comedy. Tonight’s anniversary lineup takes it further.
Fri., Nov. 18, 8 p.m., 2011

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