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Party Hats Required
National effort needed to promote safe sex: It seems like for a while there was a concerted effort to make condoms seem "exciting" in themselves: flavors, shapes, colors, patterns, ribs, etc. If I recall correctly, for several years there was a much more favorable attitude toward wearing condoms during sex.

I read this whole damn article ["Explosive Issue," Taylor Friedman, feature, 11/9], and throughout it wondered, "Why are these hot young sexy things jeopardizing their lives for one or more nights of good sex?" I can't help but wonder, if the U.S. made condoms a part of the sexual and sensual culture, people could prevent the spread of many diseases for enough years to actually render diseases ineffective or inactive, and then go back to barebacking. Or maybe not, because condoms are good non-hormonal birth control too!

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Results will continue without drastic changes: When is the last time someone saw an ad for AIDS drugs that featured an ugly model? They are always deceptively handsome, unlike in the real world. As more and more of the tax dollars get swallowed up by public employee pensions and related benefits, Social Security and Medicare, there will be less available for these irresponsible men. Many will spend their last few years in poverty, suffering from an assortment of ailments. In some states, even the AIDS drug assistance program is rationed because of lack of money. The problem will only get worse.


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We will pay for the band: These sex-party organizers are like the tobacco companies, spreading disease, that the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for. They should all be shut down.


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Renegade Metallica Fan
Not all albums are an instant hit: I think by far this is one of the more on-the-spot reviews of the album ["Don't Kill Lulu," Ian S. Port, music, 11/9]. I am one of those 12,000 first-week buyers labeled "dumb" by Metallica fans. If a person wants to sit comfortably and not be challenged by the music he listens to, then by all means keep playing Master of Puppets. I think the music Metallica has composed here is the most emotionally raw they have ever. With an open mind, this is a great album. I read a critic's review from the 1980s about Kill 'Em All. It was very harsh, equating the fast guitar-playing to chainsaws and predicting Metallica would never make it. I guess history will do the same with Lulu because Kill 'Em All is now hailed as one of the most influential heavy metal albums and Metallica, well, people know the rest.


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Blog Comments of the Week
In response to an expected investigation of Nancy Pelosi's investments: Are readers shocked that people in D.C. are taking advantage of their position? If I did the same thing in my job, I would be fired ["60 Minutes Expected to Air Investigation of Pelosi Stock Investments," Peter Jamison, the Snitch, 11/8]. The screwed-up truth is that they keep being sent back to D.C. Why? Because the people with money support them. Why? So that they can get more money.


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May this investigation be the first of many: As much as I hate Pelosi and know she deserves whatever she gets in this mess, I think it is the normal way of doing things in Washington. Who comes to Washington and doesn't improve their economic situation? We the people have allowed our "public servants" to set up a ruling class. I hope this is the start of a real investigation into how things are done by our legislators.


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