The Old Guard

Imagine if the San Francisco Giants won three more championships by the end of the decade. We'd have one of the greatest sports dynasties, rivaling New York and … other cities that have done well in sports. But the weird thing is, we already have one. In football. Not the football of the recent past, of course, which has been all about last place (2004), losing seasons (2004-2009), and where to build a stadium (2006-present -- and Santa Clara, it looks like). Rather, this dynasty is in the football of 20-30 years ago, which was all about people such as Joe Montana placing the ball on the numbers of people such as Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, and Roger Craig, while people such as Ronnie Lott tackled and clobbered the opposition, to the tune of four Super Bowl wins in a single decade. How did that happen? And why aren't we paying more attention to football? Find out at SF Legends Live, in which the greatest players of that era -- the five above, in short -- get together for a roundtable discussion and audience Q&A moderated by KNBR Radio's Brian Murphy.
Wed., Nov. 30, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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