Take the ‘Cakes

Deserved or not, visual art has an image problem. Boring. Highbrow. Snobby. After this weekend, art might have a different kind of image problem. Salacious. Loud. Alcohol-fueled. High-carb. Because this is Pancakes & Booze. The title of the two-day event doesn’t even mention art, although it includes some 75 local visual artists. Some of these up-and-coming masters paint naked people — and in case it’s not clear, they don’t paint images of naked people, they literally paint naked people. Although once the naked people are painted, they’re no longer naked, and in fact have become works of art. But enough with the highbrow already. There is booze. There are pancakes — free ones . All you can eat. Promoters haven’t said much about who’ll be there in terms of artists or acts, but bands at previous events include Tanner Horn and the Sextronauts, who have a song called “My Perverted Mind.” Venues have included a place in Georgia called The Goat Farm. At an October iteration there was a zombie fashion show, which really put the “living” back into “living dead.” Angeleno and former cameraman Tom Kirlin created the event and has brought it to cities including Minneapolis, Denver, and Nashville as well as L.A. Kirlin said in a September interview that a lifelong love of pancakes led him to combine plentiful amounts of the “hangover food” with art, music, performance, and alcohol. “Not even IHOP serves pancakes for only $5,” he says — not to mention the naked people that come with them.
Fri., Dec. 9, 8 p.m.; Sat., Dec. 10, 8 p.m., 2011

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