Abbie Normal

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Herbst Theatre

401 Van Ness
San Francisco, CA 94102

Category: Music Venues

Region: Hayes Valley/ Tenderloin

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Liz Grant makes fun of alcoholics. “I love it when people in [A.A.] meetings say, 'Thanks for letting me share.'” … short pause, smart-ass look … “Oh, as if we had a choice?” She also makes fun of other people in recovery. “Who designed the barstool? I mean, there's no seatback, there's no seatbelt – and no built-in toilet … it was probably some frustrated co-dependent. 'Here! Drink all you want! Good luck staying on!'” Grant took a break from comedy to run a massage therapy business, and when she got back on stage (you guessed it), she made fun of former clients. (See: “Please wash before you get waxed.”) Grant also makes fun of herself. Her solo show Deja Wince: Lessons From a Failed Relationship Expert ran 23 weeks in San Francisco. “Being with an angry guy is like getting a VIP pass through life,” she says. “People just get the hell out of your way! It's like walking through a crowded restaurant with sizzling fajitas – or a wet plunger.” We saw her do an excerpt from Deja Wince at a weeknight variety show in the Mission – where she experienced major equipment failure but killed nonetheless. So what we're saying is that Grant is perfect to host Not Your Normal New Year's Eve. Other abnormalities on the bill include local favorites Alex Koll, Jill Bourque, and Natasha Muse. Muse guarantees to be “at least the second-funniest transsexual you know.” There's also Kevin Camia and Brent Weinbach. Weinbach won the Andy Kaufman Award at the HBO Comedy Festival, which is all the street cred we need. Steve Lee, who grew up in Hong Kong but moved to Kansas City for high school, subjects his physical disability and bi-cultural background to the same derisive material that Grant unleashes on her 12-stepped-ness. And then there's the Foxtails Brigade, whose classical guitar and violin chamber pop is undergirded by dark foreboding and shadowy characters. Sounds like no one will be safe.
Sat., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., 2011

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