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Mission Pie

2901 Mission
San Francisco, CA 94110

Category: Restaurant > Bakery

Region: Mission/ Bernal Heights

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Mission Pie is our favorite kind of local business. Not only is its walnut pie (with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top, natch) among the world's perfect desserts, but since day one the shop has been devoted to sustainability and to supporting regional food producers. Patrons gather around communal tables to discuss community issues or just sit by a window and watch the Mission walk by on a Saturday afternoon. A San Francisco without Mission Pie just wouldn't be as cool a city, and we might even go so far as to say the shop is full of awesome. Appropriate, then, that Mission Pie presents the new exhibition by local artist Todd Berman "City of Awesome". A serious devotee of San Francisco since he relocated here from NYC more than 10 years ago, Berman is not content to try to capture the spirit of the entire city single-handedly. Instead, he has recruited ordinary citizens young and old to draw pictures of themselves and bring them to Mission Pie, where Berman has collaged them onto his wildly vibrant San Francisco landscapes that emphasize the wonders of our unique geography. Berman reassures participants that they need not worry about artistic ability and instead just be willing to contribute something of how they help make the city great. Therefore no deed is too small and no stick figure too rudimentary. Mission Pie has its full roster of savory and sweet goodies on offer during the opening as well, so we suggest you show up hungry.
Dec. 14-24, 6 p.m.; Dec. 27-Jan. 15, 2011

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