Everybody into the 'Pool

It’s official: If Les Claypool’s annual NYE party were a girl, she could legally buy alcohol -- not that she needs it, given the loose-limbed ferret-in-the-pocket psilocybin experience she already has to offer. At the close of 2011, we find Claypool reunited with Primus, and Green Naugahyde, their first release in 11 years, debuting at No.15 on the Billboard charts. Tapping into the exuberance of youth and the lucidity of age, the recording and the band strike a perfect balance between virtuosity and irreverence. The first single, “Tragedy’s a’ Comin’,” was drawn from the struggle of Claypool’s younger brother against leukemia. In the accompanying video, which premiered on IFC in three installments, Claypool shows up on the beach in a giant crustacean suit -- the fantasy-self of a doomed lobster sitting inside a restaurant tank watching his loved ones be consumed. It’s a real Primus moment. Naugahydeis filled with them. Surely, “Jilly’s on Smack” is going to prove a live favorite, with its chorus, “No, she won’t be coming back … for the holidays!” This year’s party theme, Hawaiian Hukilau, is inspired by an old-school fishing technique, and it leaves room for a lobster appearance as well as some in-depth exploration of the fishing songs on Naugahyde.
Sat., Dec. 31, 9 p.m., 2011

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