The Universe in a Snowman

How many people do you think can fit inside of a snowman? About 20 to 30, if you’re at the California Academy of SciencesPlanetary Exploration. As part of ’Tis the Season for Science, the museum put up an inflatable mini-planetarium in the piazza called the Snowman Theater. Using Google Earth software, the snowman-shaped contraption features two six-minute digital shows. One covers the science of snow, and it’s geared toward kids. The other explores finding ice and water — which are essential for supporting life — on planets located elsewhere in the universe. Google Earth allows us to take a close look at how seasonal phenomena such as the winter solstice affect life on our planet, and how life has adapted to Earth’s shenanigans. And if you look closely enough, maybe you’ll even get to see life on other planets.
Dec. 1-31, 2011

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