Women Who Kill

We’re still smarting from Janine Brito and Emily Heller’s decision to move to New York, but we won’t hold it against them. (We’ll just remain sad about it – and passive-aggressive.) Brito and Heller return to where they belong at this third assembly of Janine & Emily’s Girl Talk, a night of “unladylike stand-up comedy” featuring an all-woman cast. And these women kill – that's the industry term for “make people laugh so hard they need a paramedic.” There’s plenty of space in the stand-up world for stupid comedy, whether you’re talking about the Blue Collar comedy guys, Dane Cook, or alt-comics who use weirdness as a way of hiding the fact that they don’t have much to say. While we’re not above laughing at a quality ball-shot from time to time, we salute Brito and Heller for their commitment to boundary-pushing, brutally funny comedy that’s staunchly populist but could still send a grad student grasping for her well-worn copy of Gender Trouble. With Brito and Heller presiding over the fellowship, guests Marga Gomez, Chris Burns, Oakland’s Karinda Dobbins, and Emily Maya of Parks and Recreation put the lie to the protestations of Jerry Lewis and Christopher Hitchens (who each argued, in earnest, that women just aren't funny), demonstrating that you don’t need a Y chromosome to push an audience to hysterics. Paramedics are standing by.
Mon., Dec. 26, 8 p.m., 2011

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