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Don McCunn teaches people how to make clothing. Visit his blog and you'll see links to posts on various sewing techniques and patterns as well as how to create nursing bras, bikinis, and bandeaus. McCunn also makes costumes. According to his blog, he made two for friends who worked a corporate event in Silicon Valley and needed outfits for characters from the film Tron: Legacy. They were so happy with his work that they agreed to do a photo shoot so he'd have a record of the costumes as they were worn. Did we mention that McCunn is also a photographer? The Tron shoot earned him an exhibit at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in December, and that led to his current show, "Imaginarium." The artist's statement says all the images -- including the Tronshots -- depict "fantasy, science fiction, times past, high fashion, and life in the arts." He takes "in the arts" literally at times -- superimposing his own photographed models onto famous works of art (in one case turning Munch's The Scream into Dream Scream). Other shots are pure fantasy involving pixies and mermaids, while some such as Sun and Moon deal in personified symbols.
Jan. 2-Feb. 29, 2012

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