Don’t Make Your Own Ketchup

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Omnivore Books on Food

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We often wonder whether it’s better to make things at home instead of buying them at a supermarket, especially when we’re buying Uncrustables, the PB&J sandwiches found in your grocer’s freezer. Other, better people have this debate over much more advanced food-stuffs, such as yogurt, honey, and Camembert, or any number of things we always thought only could be made properly by large, multinational corporations or small, artisan food-crafters. Like bacon! It turns out that people make their own bacon at home from the ba-con-parts of an animal. Such people might benefit from a book called Make the Bread, Buy the Butter. In it, one of those other, better people — Jennifer Reese — makes the call on whether it’s worth the hassle to sweat out things such as pickles, sausage, and marshmal-lows at home — as if someone would ever make marshmallows at home. Madness! Reese did all this stuff after losing her job and turning her house into farm/factory/cheese cave, and the book is filled with her hard-won wisdom.
Wed., Jan. 11, 6 p.m., 2012

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