There's No Trans Like PubTrans

San Franciscans love to hate Muni. The bus smells like a bathroom. The train station smells like a methylated ashtray. The recent GPS-tracking upgrade has some passengers wondering how their ride could possibly be running late again, if it’s coming at all. The city’s hyperlocal transit blog Muni Diaries, which is as much a go-to place for entertaining transit anecdotes as hard news regarding the city’s beleaguered system, gets personal tonight with the annual storytelling series Muni Diaries Live. The inevitably comedic series features stories from all around the city, told in creative ways. Sample topics include missed connections (the craigslist kind), panic over doors that won’t open, “flying loogies,” and “payback on the back of the bus.” Please hold on — and reserve the front seats for seniors and people with disabilities. Boarding the stage for this telling are Stephen Elliott (editor of The Rumpus), Sal Castaneda (longtime Bay Area traffic reporter and radio host), Glynn Washington (executive producer of NPR’s Snap Judgment), Caitlin Gill (comedian and spoken-word artist), Chloe Veltman (producer/host of public radio’s VoiceBox), novelist Jan Richman, and Pinched Nerve, who performs his song, “Back Door, Step Down!”
Sat., Jan. 21, 6:30 p.m., 2012

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