Tough Guys and Long Legs

Throughout its first decade, Noir City mixed well-worn classics and long-forgotten obscurities with a bracing chaser of guest appearances by appreciative elder icons. Nothing succeeds like success — a distinctly un-noir sentiment, but festival maestro Eddie Muller is way too savvy to mess with a winning recipe. The S.F.-set double bill that pulls the trigger tonight on Noir City X (continuing through Jan. 29) pairs the deliciously seamy Bogart-Bacall favorite Dark Passage (7 p.m.) with Robert Wise’s lesser-known, high-rent thriller The House on Telegraph Hill (9:30 p.m.). One has back-alley plastic surgery and a framed con hunting the real killer, while the other boasts Oscar-nominated art direction (a badge of honor everywhere but Noir City) and switched concentration-camp identities. As for the promised movie-star sightings, look no further than Saturday night. Long-limbed legend Angie Dickinson takes the stage between the splendid, savage mid-’60s crime flicks The Killers and Point Blank to dish about her late, great co-star Lee Marvin. Pick your jaw up off the floor, bub, and buy the dame a drink.
Jan. 20-29, 2012

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