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Prisoner Becomes Choir Boy
Image does not line up with story: Somehow, Ellen Weinstein's illustration on the cover just doesn't look accurate or plausible ["Prison Break," feature, Lauren Smiley, 2/1]. John Boy Walton in prison?


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Blog Comments of the Week
Differentiating between criminals and the Occupy movement: No, no, no, these people are not representative of Occupy Oakland or Occupy anywhere USA ["Occupy Oakland: Police Release Surveillance of City Hall Break-In," Erin Sherbert, 2/2]. Just in case people don't know, real Occupiers do not condone violence or destruction of property; the individuals in this surveillance tape do not represent the 99 percent and never will.


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Mayor Jean Quan wants Occupy Oakland to occupy another city: How about Occupy Oakland "disowning" the criminals among them? Just like the city of Oakland does ["Mayor Jean Quan Calls on Occupy Wall Street to 'Disown' Occupy Oakland," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 1/30]. There are criminals in Occupy Oakland only to the extent that there are criminals in Oakland proper. It's almost as if Mayor Quan wants to "disown" her own city. Try removing the criminals before attacking the protesters.


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People who "have it all" may not have much: Well done, Angela Lutz ["5 Tips for Feeling Like You've Accomplished Something By 30," the Exhibitionist, 1/31]. So much of the turmoil surrounding turning 30 results from comparing one's accomplishments to others of the same age. Problem is, individuals only lament that they're not as far along as those few really ambitious/focused/lucky people they know. Individuals fail to recognize that others may not be as happy as they seem, and that people who really have their shit together are a minority at any age.


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Travel plans to S.F. Include BBQ: Sounds wonderful, makes me hungry just reading the review; too bad I am in Cleveland, TN ["Cathead's BBQ: Smoky Brisket and Stellar Sides," Alex Hochman, SFoodie, 1/27]. Good luck to the owners in their new venture; when I get to San Francisco, the writer can bet I am going to dine at Cathead BBQ.

Brenda Frederick

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Pulp fans who weren't quick missed out: I got our tickets by logging in at 9:45 and waiting. Had a feeling it might sell out ["Yeah So Pulp Sold Out the Warfield in Less Than 10 Minutes," Ian S. Port, All Shook Down, 1/27]. Not a rich gal, just an avid Pulp fan who is thrilled they are going to visit our fair city once again. Maybe they will add a second night.

Liz Rood

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