Laughter and Other Drugs

We needn’t dial up Cheech and Chong to validate claims of a rich comedic history from our nation’s bong throng. Rob Cantrell has proudly and gently toked himself into this legacy, including stage time at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup, held in the weed mecca, Amsterdam. Cantrell charms with personal tales and observational humor, not always on the subject of marijuana. Joining Mr. Cantrell at tonight’s Club Chuckles are local joke-jerks John Hoogasian, Caitlinn Gill, and W. Kamau Bell. Miss Gill has been showing up in comedy shows all over San Francisco, utterly charming in her commitment to aggressively mining her most humiliating moments for material. She manages to make fun of her life without belittling herself or seeming a victim at all. If hapless and fearless can occupy the same body, then it’s in Caitlin Gill. These are four distinctive and funny voices, suitable for anyone looking to enjoy themselves as the world quietly comes to an end.
Thu., Feb. 23, 9 p.m., 2012

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