There Wolf

Anne Rice is one of the most read modern authors, which is not surprising, because that’s how pacts with Lord Satan work. It’s true: In 1975, the devil approached Rice in an off-campus coffee shop, where she’d been revising, since freshman year, a short story about a relationship disintegrating over a long weekend in the Hamptons, and hissed, “Screw that New Yorker bullshit. Do you know Lestat?” And Rice has been listening to him ever since, through whole genealogies of vampires and witches, a few mummies, a little erotic fiction, assorted serpents and demons, some life-of-Christ fan fiction, and now, werewolves. That’s right: With The Wolf Gift, released on Valentine’s Day, Rice (under orders from the devil, don’t forget; she can’t) finally lays out the official story of the werewolf, years after that Twilight hack threw up all over it with her high-school love sickness and ab-sculpting. One of the surprises: The main character is a werewolf called Reuben, who flits about the NorCal redwoods and eats in North Beach. We’ll be looking for you, Reuben! Eventually, the devil will come for Rice’s soul, but she is well armed, with more than 100 million books sold -- even Satan shuts up in the face of 100 million sold.
Fri., Feb. 24, 7 p.m., 2012

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