Willie's World Redux: The Former Mayor Tells It Like It Is

Let's get this straight: Ross Mirkarimi isn't the victim of a political conspiracy because nobody's paid me yet.

Ed Lee's first rookie mistake: He appoints Christina Olague to the Board of Supervisors, and the very first vote she takes is against him.

I warned him. Ethical people are never grateful enough. The first lesson of politics: You can't trust anyone who might tell the truth at a deposition.

Mitt Romney shouldn't have said "I'm not concerned about the very poor." He should have proven it by evicting an orphanage. Actions speak louder than words.

Chinese New Year was bigger than ever now that San Francisco has its first Chinese mayor. To celebrate, Rose Pak is creating an army of terra cotta voters, their ballots permanently marked for Ed Lee. Each one's registered in a swing district.

I ran into Nancy Pelosi near the Chinatown Gate the other day, and you didn't.

Back when I was mayor, I was sure there was a part of the Bible that says God will judge you by how many buildings you've had put up in downtown commercial districts. But now I can't find it anywhere. It must be a Buddhist thing. Who do I talk to about this?

Some 46 people paid $1,100 a couple to have dinner with Wilkes Bashford and me at a recent charity auction. They were disappointed. Like I'd show up for that kind of money.

I spent Valentine's Day at a new hot spot on Sutter near Market. By the time you get a table, it won't be good anymore. I had the lamb.

Finally getting Phil Bronstein out of the Chronicle was step one. Now I have to destroy journalism from the inside. I think everybody can see that's happening.

Movie Time: Angelina Jolie's new movie makes no sense if you didn't discretely sleep with her in 1998 during her promotional tour through San Francisco. I'm just saying.

Hugo: I went to see this because my 10-year-old daughter slipped me an envelope filled with cash and promised there'd be another envelope if I shared my popcorn. I'm so proud of her.

It looks like the 49ers aren't letting the door hit them on the way out of town, now that the NFL has given them $200 million for a new stadium in Santa Clara. It's sad that San Francisco can't compete, but ever since the "progressives" came into office, nobody in this city knows how to give a bribe anymore. $200 million? When I was mayor, that's what I tipped the guy who parked my car.

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Krishna Dukes
Krishna Dukes

Ah, Caenish mixed with just a wee touch of Jackie D from 3rd Rock. Willie Brown, you are a true Texas pimp made good, very good indeed. Keep that pimp hand strong. <angline jolie,="" snort!="">



You think he's kidding don't you? I guarantee you that he is dead.serious.

kevin r.
kevin r.

San Francisco -- the city that lampoons instead of indicts. Keep this column coming!

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