What do you make of all the '90s nostalgia going on right now?

I've been waiting for it. I can't wait to see that Creation Records documentary [Upside Down: The Creation Records Story, at the Roxie Theater on Feb. 25]. It was such a pivotal moment in my life and in British rock, with bands like Swervedriver, who were so informed by Dinosaur Jr., and the Stooges and American rock, or My Bloody Valentine.... And then American college rock comes of age, the Lemonheads, Nirvana, the wake of the Pixies getting big.

We all think a certain era of music was important, but that really was a good couple of years. MTV was giving those bands a lot of exposure, for better or for worse — by '95 it was pretty bad, but there were three or four years where loud rock was really in, and it was good ... after the '80s loud rock, which was not always great.

What's going on with the rights to Hüsker Dü stuff? You tried to buy some of it in 2001. How's communication with Greg Norton and Grant Hart?

In 2001, I went to them and said, "I'll be glad to pay for a lawsuit, but you need to stay out of the way." That didn't work. So that offer has been rescinded. We have a point person we communicate through. It's not great. It's like a relationship that should never be revisited unless somebody's moderating.

How long did it take Greg Norton to groom his mustache?

You know, he would just show up like that. I honestly don't know what he put it in it. I would hope it didn't take him more than an hour....That is a great question. It definitely stood out.

What else do you want people to know about Bob Mould, Castro District resident?

I have a couple diatribes, but I try to save those for my community board meetings.... I guess I would like to see the city shine a bit more, because it's a tourist town, and when people come here and they see the harder parts of the city on display, they don't come back. My other thing, and this is my filibuster, is that totally naked is cool by me, but when you put a cock ring on, you're not naked. It crosses over to something else.

Did you think it was silly when the nudity issue became national news last year?

That, and the bill to get [banning] circumcision on the ballot. And the city's broke. I'm totally down with nudity. But when it gets a little lewd, it's not nudity. I'm no prude. I love cock rings too, but there's a time and a place.

We'll make sure that message gets out.

Great, now I'm in trouble. I'll have people coming after me.

Naked people?

With cock rings.

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