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Sailing Away
America's Cup hangs in the balance: Bring in some more races to make the attendance numbers ["The Cup Runneth Over," Joe Eskenazi, feature, 2/15]. Don't just give up because the Cup might flop on its own. Put the pedal down and let's have a good event.


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Piñatas and Margaritas
Reader notes very few Latins at the bar: I hate tequila and I hate margaritas. Having said that, I like the ones at the Latin American Club, strong as hell ["Packed in Among Piñatas," Katy St. Clair, Bouncer, 2/15]. My friend and I were the only Latin Americans at the "club" that night — well, us and the piñatas.

J Hercules

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Blog Comments of the Week
Citizen shouldn't beg for dollars: I recently unsubscribed from (occasional?) news updates from the Bay Citizen because I got almost as many fundraising e-mails as I did informative e-mails ("Bay Citizen Newsletter Shut Down By Spamming Complaint," Joe Eskanazi, The Snitch, 2/16). It was very annoying, especially in the modern world where almost everyone is begging for my money, whether they deserve it or not.

David D

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Port channels new Adele admirer: Ian S. Port wrote what I was feeling, but did not quite understand; he described what I was experiencing but was not cognitive enough to be able to express it ["Adele's Grammy Performance: A Reminder of the Scary Power of an Honest, Gorgeous Song," All Shook Down, 2/13]. Port did his job and I thank him. I had never seen Adele sing before. In fact I thought she was just another skinny teenage singer with weird hair who had a hit record. To further the irony, I had been struggling for days to hook up a TV satellite to my RV. Lucky for me, I found the fix in time to see Adele perform "Rolling in the Deep." Now this is a woman. Fantastic eyes, a great voice, beautiful song and I was stopped dead in my tracks (à la this article). Thanks again for a job well done.


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Bennett's politics are in San Francisco too: Except for the crack joke at the end of this article, I am relieved to see well known personalities, such as Tony Bennet, speak out for the responsible legalization of marijuana (not crack, heroin, or meth) as the best way to eliminate the criminal element and to make recreational drug use more transparent ["Tony Bennett on Whitney Houston: 'Legalize Drugs,'" Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 2/13]. Yes, some people have problems with drugs and there are already laws against those resulting destructive behaviors (on or off drugs). Prohibition has never done anything except increase violence and crime and add to overflowing jails. Legalizing marijuana will bring its use out in the open and end the unfair punishment of millions of responsible users.

K. Russell

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Unfortunate incident could have been worse: I hope they get the bass back and nail the lowlife who stole it ["Evanescence Band Member Heartbroken Over Rare Bass Stolen from S.F. Home," Erin Sherbert, 2/10]. As a musician with a couple of cherished guitars, I always hate to hear these stories. An instrument someone has had forever, or that was handed down from a loved one, is always worth way more to the individual than it could possibly be worth to anyone else, which makes these stories so infuriating to me. But people should try to keep in mind, even with all the sentimental value attached to the bass, it's really only a material item. I'm just saying, the important thing is that [Ashley Dunlop and Tim McCord] are still safe and sound, things could have been a lot worse had someone been home.

Michael Dawson

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