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Hold 'em and Fold 'em
The end of online gambling: Great information ["They Were Kings For a Moment," Chris Parker, feature, 2/29]. Thank you for shedding light on this story! I'm glad SF Weekly is providing information on the tragedy that was Black Friday.

Gail S

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Building Condos for Yachts
Not everyone opposes funding America's Cup: This was an opinion piece masquerading as a news article ["The Dregs of the Cup," Joe Eskenazi, News, 2/29]. Typical in this town. The "nothing is better than something" crowd should be pleased. Others see a lost opportunity for improvements to the Embarcadero area and private sector jobs.


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Citizens have to act as watchdogs in city dealings: It is just unbelievable that average, everyday citizens, naïvely interested in the wellbeing of their city, have to ride shotgun over every planning document to be sure an "interested party," consultant with aligned clients, or another entity is not attempting to slip one under the tent and pull one over on the citizen-suckers.

I am astonished at the city's sheer fortune that Supervisor David Chiu found "one line" in the America's Cup deal that would have directed income to the Port from a highly controversial project which is not approved, and has nothing whatsoever to do with America's Cup, but which would have given tacit approval to the controversial, unapproved project.

This kind of trick-deal writing is really sharp business practice at its best and feels like the same level of thinking that generated the "creative financing" deals recently done by Wall Street.

These trick deals just make the citizens more cynical and the planning and approval process more opaque, arduous, exhausting, expensive, and frustrating because the citizens have learned not to trust any deal.


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Blog Comments of the Week
Game chief should be protecting animals: I hope he gets fired for setting a poor example for kids ["Dan Richards, Fish and Game Chief, Wants Everyone to Shut Up About His Cougar Killing," Erin Sherbert, 2/29]. His job is to protect animals, not kill them with a gun. Plus, to post a picture of himself on Facebook, like he did, is his own fault. If he wasn't such a bragger, he wouldn't be in this sticky situation. I hope they get rid of him as soon as possible. No one needs to be trophy hunting these days. These cougars are amazing animals and it's not a fair fight against a gun. He probably shot this thing from his truck.


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Don't judge the hunter: A classic example of what's wrong with our society: Here's a man who has broken no law, yet people feel they have the right to judge him. Leave the guy alone and move on.


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Just too many radicals in the room: What a ridiculous person "fighting to end marriage," ["Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? Asks Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore," Chris Hall, All Shook Down, 2/24]. This is the problem with radicals these days: they've completely lost touch with the possible. One starts to imagine that they don't actually want to ever succeed; they just want to be the most radical radical in the room.

Jonathan Nathan

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  • U2 @ SAP Center in San Jose
    Last night U2 performed the first U.S. date of it’s Innocence + Experience tour at SAP Center in San Jose. All four band members were present despite recent injuries sustained by both Bono and Edge. The sold out show took audience members on a walk down memory lane as the band revisited their roots. The innovative stage and lighting used gave the arena show an intimate feel, and engaged audience members in all sections of the venue. Photographs by Sugarwolf.
  • Bay to Breakers 2015 - NSFW
    The 103rd annual Bay to Breakers 12K race was packed on Sunday despite the cold weather. With a starting point a few blocks from The Embarcadero, people dressed as bananas, Elvis and everything in between ran west through the city and finished at the Great Highway where breakers crash onto Ocean Beach.

    Photographs by Christopher Victorio.

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