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Postal Delivers
Giving thought to the disgruntled postal workers: I've never really thought much about how the word "going postal" came about ["Hate Mail," Peter Jamison, feature, 3/7]. I didn't know it stemmed from disgruntled postal workers. There really is a need for regular checks, not just for the starting employees, but for upper management as well.


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Problems at mail facilities are widespread: I worked for a postal service contractor for 28 years, going into postal facilities all over the 11 western states. Indeed, I saw a culture of rampant psychological abuse. But, the worse thing of all, which is only hinted at in the article, was the overt and widespread racial hatred from all sides. Now retired, I am so glad that I no longer have to come in contact with this lower rung of hell.


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Clubs: Dancing vs. Pickups
Dance clubs of the past paved the way for present-day SOMA: Great article, but the writer can't talk about legendary SOMA clubs and leave out the EndUp ["Drink: Beat Happening: A Guide to the S.F. Nightlife Renaissance," Derek Opperman, Drink insert, 3/7]. Also, most of the newer clubs mentioned in this article probably would have never happened, had it not been for Mighty setting the trend many years before, showing that if someone builds a club where the focus is on the music and dancing, then people will come, and that clubs don't have to be about pickups.

Mark Ayoub

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Blog Comments of the Week
U.S. needs to learn leadership skills: Instead of fearing what might or could happen if drugs were legalized, and bringing political pressure on countries that disagree with the U.S.'s premise, it might be advantageous to seize this moment as an opportunity to demonstrate true leadership ["Biden: Drug Legalization 'Worth Discussing,' but There's 'No Possibility' of U.S. Support," Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 3/6], such as calling a meeting of American countries to openly discuss options to the current failed policy. Leadership means leading and not "staying the course" especially when that course has proven to be so deadly. Bold leaders take bold steps and are always looking for ways to bring about positive change that benefit those they lead. Don't be afraid to lead. Stay safe.

Terry Nelson

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Rock music will always have naysayers: Sixty years ago rock 'n' roll was "sinful." Today it's "racist" ["Does Rock Music Make People Racist? These Researchers Think So." Ian S. Port, All Shook Down, 3/6]. Funny how the enforcers of egalitarian dogma increasingly resemble Christians from the '50s. White people repent, for they were born in sin!


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Arizona sheriff concludes Obama's not a citizen: So if Maricopa County "Sheriff Joe Arpaio can't accept that the President's documents are real, because he doesn't want to have to respect the President, is he also doing that to other people in Arizona ["Joe Arpaio's 'Cold Case Posse' Concludes Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake," Peter Jamison, the Snitch, 3/2]? Especially if they look Mexican.

Bill in SF

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Terry Suggs
Terry Suggs

Republicans have been creating a deception about how Barack Obama has failed. The jobs bill by Barack Obama was presented to the House and Congress. This bill would have brought in 45 million jobs to the United States. When it was voted on by the House and the Senate, The Republicans voted “NO” to everything.When the financial reform bill by Barack Obama was presented to the House and Senate that would stop banks from increasing fees and help consumers keep their hard earned dollars as well as prevent corruption on Wall Street, the Republicans all voted “NO”. When Barack Obama passed the Healthcare Reform Bill that would help those without insurance get badly needed medical care and keep medical institutions from charging more than they should for services and medical prescriptions, the Republicans attacked Barack Obama for his efforts. They were saying that there was too much spending at the same time they were taking the money that was made available and using it all the while they publicly denied that they wanted it.Every state and public official is taking they money while saying on camera that they don’t want the governments money and that there is too much spending.Infrastructure construction and road and bridges work is in full progress.The Republicans are saying that they will make this happen when there is a Republican president. It is already being implemented.More than half the Republicans in America are not aware of their deceptive speeches and control of the media in assisting them in their deception.Barack Obama is a brilliant person. His wisdom is far above even the wisest Republican in Washington in office.He has a heart for those that are in dire need and the country as a whole.We have a wonderful gift in this man. But jealousy and greed among the Republicans want to portray him as confused or unworthy of the Office of President.The Republicans care nothing about those in dire need. They only want to get the money into their hands and their friends hands for greed sake.God has made Barack the president of the United States for this time in human history.But the blindness of the people and deception of the Republicans has hindered his solving our greatest problems. The lying Republicans hijacked the brilliant progress that would have been made by implementing the bills presented by the president. America would be so much farther ahead of where we are now if there wasn’t so much hatred, jealousy and greed in the Republican side of our government.I believe that there is a definite racist element in the Republican side of our government also. There was a deliberate not even subtle suggestion made about assassinating the president.On a side note: Mormonism is considered to be a Cult in Christian circles.Blacks are not accepted or considered to be equals with whites in their religious belief system. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. There is a continued effort by Republicans to redraw the districts so that it favors their party. There is a continued effort by Republicans to get rid of and completely stop any organization or any individuals that are supportive of Barack Obama.Rick Santorium was the one that pushed the request for funding Haliburton and Blackwater (the private military run by Dick Chaney). The amount of the money given to these groups was around $249 billion. The number of civilians killed in Iraq at the beginning of the war was around 600,000. That is not a good thing.

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