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If drugging by the government happened today: Sadly it seems like if this happened today ["Operation Midnight Climax," Troy Hooper, feature, 3/14] in the war on terror, people would just shrug and say, "Well, that's no worse than killing innocent civilians, which we do all the time." Messing with the country's own citizens? Nowadays we'll send a citizen to Guantanamo at the drop of a hat.


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CIA too big to prosecute: "Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?" sounds like our foreign policy. Note that the CIA operates with impunity — it ran this program for over 10 years (officially), and for all we know it still does. It's part of the shadow government and we're not even allowed to know its budget. It's another example of how the phrase "Too big to fail" (applied to banks) really means "Too big to prosecute."

Steven Gray

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Image Is Everything
New image doesn't mean the rapper has changed: "Too $hort Reconsiders What to Say in Front of a Camera" should be the title ["The New Too $hort," Tamara Palmer, Music, 3/14]. Did the writer read her own article?


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A Visit to Joe's
When the old trumps the new: In an era where traditional is relentlessly shoved aside in favor of chain store bling (think: the Gold Dust Lounge,) it's good to see tradition carry on ["Nothing Like an Original," Katy St. Clair, Bouncer, 3/14]. It can be said that North Beach needed some original San Francisco. Original Joe's in North Beach fits the bill perfectly.


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Naked Bike Ride
Snapshots show more skin than reader anticipated: Twenty-six photos highlighting the fact that not all nudity is good nudity, and that most San Franciscans would be better served by remaining fully clothed ["World Naked Bike Ride," Hanna Quevedo, Slideshow, 3/15].


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Blog Comment of the Week
In response to terminally ill patient's removal from UCSF due to medical marijuana: The more I consider this situation the more my heart aches for patient Angel Raich; UCSF, given the research they have done and the conclusions that they have arrived at regarding herbal cannabis, the pharmacist is left without excuses at best, without any compassion at worst ["Medical Marijuana Cancer Patient Booted from UCSF for Using Pot," Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 3/13]. The trauma that patients go through when their caregivers turn on them and throw federal law in their faces is devastating.

UCSF's pharmacist should have shown far more compassion, and while realizing that Marinol is no valid substitute to herbal cannabis as the research bears out, offer suggestions to accommodate Raich's medical need. And Raich really could have used far better judgment and simply asked. The answer would have been an emphatic no, then "other arrangements" could have been made.


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In the cover story "Operation Midnight Climax," 3/14, we ran the wrong picture of the house at 225 Chestnut St. We regret the error.

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Pedro F
Pedro F

THE TWO 800 LB. GORILLAS IN SAN FRANCISCO POLITICS San Francisco, CA- Let me preface this article with the foregoing, I loved my mother, a few women in my life, and all of my dogs! That being said, I was stunned that the hierarchy of San Francisco politics run by Willie Brown and Rose Pak's front-man, Mayor Ed Lee, "suspended” Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi after his plea deal with the District Attorney's office run by another one of Willie's puppets, George Gascon. Mirkarimi copped to a charge of False Imprisonment stemming from a New Years Eve altercation with his wife and Venezuelan actress Eliana Lopez-Mirkarimi. Any male who has gone through a nasty "Custody Battle" knows that the deck in Family Court is stacked against men. There are hundreds, if not thousands of men out there reading this passage and shaking their heads up and down as if they had just acquired Parkinson's disease. That being fact, I will move on and try to paint a picture of San Francisco politics that is stacked against "Liberals," (now Progressives) a term if utilized today is akin to the "N-Word." Let me roll back the clock for you. Mirkarimi, 48, married the 29-year-old Lopez after impregnating her a few years ago. On December 31, 2011, Mirkarimi and Lopez got into a beef. Ms. Lopez or Mrs. Mirkarimi, threatened her husband by saying she would take their son Theo to Venezuela. That is no joke as Lopez is famous in her homeland as an actress, a place where she has both holdings and property. It is also a country that former President Bush once comically said was part of the “Axis of Evil," along with Iraq, Iran and North Korea. There are no extradition agreements with President Hugo Chavez's domain, thus if Ms. Lopez was serious, and it appears by her actions after the New Years Eve dispute she was in fact clearly looking to gain "an advantage" in an anticipated battle for custody. Sheriff Mirkarimi, like a lot of men whose spouse doesn't emanate from an "Axis of Evil" to flee to, Ross apparently thought he was going to get screwed one way or another. During the beef, Ross Mirkarimi grabbed his wife and her arm she was bruised. The Mirkarimi's would make up a few days later, but only after Lopez-Mirkarimi went to a neighbor’s house where Ms. Lopez, who is as I said an actress by trade, cried crocodile tears while the neighbor videotaped it. Although Lopez said she feared Mirkarimi, she never called the SFPD or an attorney. The sole purpose of this tear-laden session in front of a video camera was to gain an advantage in a possible court battle over son Theo if it ever became reality. A fortnight ago, Mirkarimi admitted to False Imprisonment, which is usually applied when dealing with a Kidnapping. The plea took the Domestic Violence charges against him away, which were not brought forth by Lopez-Mirkarimi, but by the District Attorney's office run by the aforementioned George Gascon, which in the opinion of many is just another “stooge” of ex-Mayor Willie Brown. Mirkarimi was the "only" real Progressive candidate in San Francisco's November election that won office. Having clashed with Gascon in his long run as a member of the Board of Supervisors representing the Western Edition neighborhood, Mirkarimi had also sparred both politically and verbally with Willie Brown, whose control over San Francisco politics has remained "iron-fisted" even though the flashy and often-foul mouthed Brown vacated the Mayor's office eight years ago. The two most powerful people in San Francisco politics are Brown and the Asian powerhouse Rose Pak, even though Ed Lee, hand picked and pushed by Pak, is the elected-Mayor. It's been said that everything is fair in war, custody battles and politics, but is that true? If you read to the chagrin of many as I do, you’ll recall when current San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White's husband, Sean White, in June 2005 called 911 and told the SFPD his wife had "hit him over the head with a pint glass" during a dispute at their Sunset District residence. Although the hubby would recant later, the Chief wasn't taken into custody, asked to leave the premises; all the SFPD did was take a report and leave. Had this been an alleged male on female attack, you can bet your money that the Chief would have been booked! Then Mayor Gavin Newsom said the "incident was a personal matter" among the White's and closed the book on the matter. Speaking of Gavin Newsom, now the Lt. Governor and whom the Democratic Party has aspirations of moving into national office, possibly as a Vice Presidential candidate in 2020 or 2024, back in 2007 Newsom had an affair with the wife of one of his closest friends and the head of his second mayoral campaign Alex Tourk. The female cheating on her husband was Newsom's former secretary Ruby Rippey-Tourk. Five years ago this was front-page news, but what the press failed or refused to tie-together was the suspected Drug use of the now Lt. Governor. Soon after the affair became public, Newsom entered a facility for what he said was Alcohol Rehabilitation. Prior to that, Ruby Rippey-Tourk went into Cocaine Rehabilitation. Now is it just this ex-Law Enforcement type and Private Investigator that can see through the San Francisco fog here? If a couple is having an under the table tryst, have you ever heard of them not doing the same poison, be it alcohol, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine? When I asked members of the SFPD about Newsom and nose candy, nobody wanted to talk much. In itself that made me feel that Newsom entering rehab for booze was a ruse, when in all likelihood I was thinking it was “blow” that he and Ruby Rippey-Tourk were doing together. Back to Ross Mirkarimi, the duly elected San Francisco Sheriff. Now while I'm not condoning what he is alleged to have done or been forced to admit, but it sure seems like he was thrown under the bus by District Attorney George Gascon and Mayor Ed Lee. Remember that when the Fire Chief cracked her husband over the head with a glass, something she most certainly in my mind did, for if not the husband would have been charged with "Filing A False Police Report." He wasn't and Newsom, another politico on the Brown team, said it was a "personal matter," the same line he used when he was caught banging his best buddy's wife and entered rehab. In San Francisco politics there are two sets of laws, one for Willie Brown's people, and one for Willie's enemies! In closing, I take you back to The Tonight Show in the late 1960s with Johnny Carson hosting when a guest said, "Never marry an actress, for you’ll never know when they're acting." I guess Ross Mirkarimi missed that show! Pedro FernandezAward Winning WriterSyndicated Radio Talk Show Host

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