Strike This

Remember this the next time you vote with your wallet: Chain-operated multiplexes offer tiered rows and cushy seats, but independently owned neighborhood theaters can play the role of de facto community centers. A favorite Mission District venue stands up for the little guy tonight with Occupy the Screen, a symposium on election-year (and beyond) labor strategies for wresting power from the nation’s political and economic overlords. A one-hour chunk of the Black Panther film What We Want, What We Believe serves as the centerpiece as well as a valuable reminder that the American Dream stopped working for a majority of Americans decades before the subprime scam and the bank bailout. In recognition of Abbie Hoffman’s dictum that humor is a devastating weapon for unmasking evil and foolishness, tonight’s lineup includes Yes Men’s Guide to High Level Pranking. When the lights come up, journalist and former Panther Kiilu Nyasha sits alongside Amos Gregory, the photographer and Navy veteran behind the Tenderloin-based SF Vets Mural Project, to lead a panel discussion on the path forward. Co-sponsored by the Occupy Solidarity Network, the evening heralds the post-hibernation rejuvenation of a bounding movement.
Thu., March 29, 7 p.m., 2012

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