DJ Kaos

Usually, when Berlin is mentioned in a musical context, it’s in reference to the city’s thriving club scene. Yet, dig deeper under the surface of the German capital, and you’ll invariably come across its underground. The long career of Dennis Kaun (a.k.a. DJ Kaos) represents an aspect of this different strain, with a wild style that emphasizes carefree nonconformity over the rigid drive of techno. Getting his start in the late-’90s, he’s since worked with Ash Ra Temple’s Manuel Gottsching (of “E2-E4” fame), and even put in remix work for groups like !!!, Roxy Music, and Canyons. The technically respected DJ is headed to San Francisco for a rare, one-off appearance at 222 Hyde for No Way Back--which, coincidentally, is sporting a brand new lighting system reminiscent of the one at Watergate in Berlin. With a mixture of underground German-style light and sound, Kaos’ date with San Francisco looks to be a night that lives up to the connotations of his DJ name.
Sat., April 14, 10 p.m., 2012

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