Happy Birthday, Cesar

Agricultural labor conditions have long been brutal — fair work breaks, restrooms, and even access to water have been denied to many migrant farm workers. Cesar E. Chávez gave a voice to these silent masses by advocating for basic human rights that brought about many changes in the 1970s and ’80s. He co-founded the United Farm Workers of America, which grew into one of the most influential unions. San Francisco’s yearly Cesar E. Chávez Holiday Parade & Festival celebrates the profound effects Chávez had within the migrant community. It includes music by Banda Los de Pueblo, Charros, and Los Costeños de Brentwood. Traditional Aztec dance performances come from Danza Azteca Xitlalli. Lucky for us, the dancing doesn’t stop there — also included are dancing horses, which are as wild and beautiful as they sound. For a movement that is still hard at work, a little bit of celebrating is in order to commemorate how far it’s come.
Sat., April 21, 11 a.m., 2012

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